Liability Umbrellas

Liability Umbrellas

As a liability umbrella, you are responsible for ensuring that your agents record their telephone consulting discussions properly, and you are also called to account by the supervisory bodies in this regard.

For this reason, a professional taping solution is recommended. This can be managed centrally under the sovereignty of the liability umbrella and can be made accessible to all consultants in a simple manner.

Here, you decide which rights you want to give your agents within the taping interface, and whether each individual person may access the recorded discussions, or just the administrator. No matter which configuration you choose, the process is legally sound and MiFID-compliant in every case.

The statistics generated by the system serve to act as a supervisory instrument for you, both to find out whether recordings are being made to the required extent and as evidence, for example for your auditor, that taping is given the requisite attention in your business.

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