Data Protection

Data Protection

1. Scope

This Data Protection Declaration describes the type, scope and purpose of personal data collection and usage on the website at (“Website”) operated by MIFID-Recorder GmbH (“we” or “us”). We are responsible for any personal data collected on the Website, unless this Data Protection Declaration provides otherwise. Thomas Jasper is the Managing Director of MIFID-Recorder. The MIFID-Recorder GmbH Data Protection Officer, Mr. Thomas Jasper, is available at

2. Personal Data

“Personal data” shall include information based on which individuals are identifiable, that is, information which can be traced back to individuals. This typically includes names, e‑mail addresses or phone numbers, but purely technical information attributable to individuals can also be considered personal data.

3. Automatic Access Data/Server Logfiles Collection

With each Website access, we automatically collect a series of technical data which must be deemed personal data and which include the user’s IP address, the name of the accessed website and/or file, date and time of access, transferred quantity of data, successful access notification, browser type and the user’s operating system version, including the MAC address, referrer URL (the website accessed before). These data will not be combined with other personal data which you actively provide on the Website. Server logfiles containing the above data will be automatically deleted after 30 days. We reserve the right to save them for longer if there is reason to believe that unauthorised accesses (hacking attempts or DoS attacks) occurred.

4. What is an IP Address?

Each device (such as smartphones, tablet/desktop computers) connected to the internet is assigned an IP address which depends on the internet access through which your device is connected. This may be an IP address assigned by your internet provider if you connect through your Wi-Fi network at home, but it may as well be an IP address assigned by your mobile communications provider or that from public or private Wi-Fi networks or other internet accesses. In its most common version (IPv4), IP addresses consist of four groups of digits separated by full stops. Mostly, private users use alternating IP addresses since providers assign them only for a limited time (“dynamic IP addresses”). Permanently assigned IP addresses (“static IP addresses”) theoretically enable clear user data allocation through this feature. Except for prosecuting unauthorised accesses, we do not use such data on a person-related basis, but we analyse them in an anonymous way to see which Websites are accessed most each day and similar things.

5. Contact

When contacting us (through the contact form, by e-mail or otherwise), user data will be saved for processing queries and for subsequent questions which might arise.

6. Cookies

Cookies are small text files which the relevant browser stores on the device when accessing our Website. This way, individual Website services can “recognise” you and “learn” which settings you selected. Cookies enhance website user-friendliness (such as by saving log-on data), but they also help to collect statistical Website usage data and we use such data for analysis and advertisement purposes. Some cookies will be automatically deleted from your device once you leave the Website (“session cookies”); others are stored for definite periods of less than two years (“persistent cookies”). We also use third-party cookies managed by third parties to provide certain services. They can influence the use of cookies. Most browsers have an option for totally or partially preventing cookies from being stored. However, we point out that this may restrict Website usage and user-friendliness.

7. Google Analytics

Our Website uses Google Analytics, a website analysis service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States. Google Analytics uses what is referred to as “cookies”. By storing such cookies on your computer, Google can analyse your Website usage. Such information and your IP address will be transferred to and stored on US-based Google servers. Google evaluates your activities on our Website and prepares reports in this regard which we are provided with. This may make it possible to offer or render other services related to the Website usage or to internet usage in general. Google may transfer such information to third parties if this is required by the law or if Googles commissions third parties with processing these data. However, Google will in no case link your IP address to any other data collected by them. You can prevent such cookies from being stored on your computer by selecting the relevant settings in your browser. However, this may restrict your ability to use our Website. You can prevent Google from collecting, transferring and processing your data and IP address by downloading and installing a plug-in which is provided at the following link: Browser Add-On for Google Analytics Deactivation. You may also prevent data collection through Google Analytics by clicking on the below link. This installs an opt‑out cookie preventing future data collection when visiting this Website: Google Analytics Deactivation For more information on terms and conditions of use and data protection, please refer to and/or We point out that, on this Website, Google Analytics was extended by the “anonymizeIp” code to ensure anonymous IP address collection (“IP masking”).

8. Google AdWords

We use the “Google AdWords” online advertisement tool and, in the context of Google AdWords, conversion tracking tools. Google Conversion Tracking is an analysis service provided by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States; “Google”). If you click on any advertisements displayed by Google, a conversion tracking cookie is installed on your computer. These cookies become invalid after 30 days, they do not contain personal data and serve no personal identification purposes. If you visit certain pages on our Website and if the cookie is still valid, Google and we recognise that you clicked on the advertisement and were transferred to our Website. Each Google AdWords customer is assigned another cookie so that is it impossible to trace cookies back through websites from AdWords customers. Data collected through conversion cookies have the purpose of creating conversion statistics for AdWords customers who opted for the conversion tracking service. The customers get to know the total number of users who clicked on the advertisement and who were transferred to pages having a conversion tracking tag. However, they receive no information through which they can identify any users. If you do not want to participate in this tracking service, you may reject their usage by preventing cookie installation based on your browser settings (option for deactivation). If you do so, you will not be included in conversion tracking statistics. For more information and the Google Data Protection Declaration, please refer to and

9. Modifications, Corrections and Updates

You have the right to receive free-of-charge information on personal data which we collected. Also, you may request incorrect data to be corrected and your personal data to be blocked and deleted, unless this is contrary to statutory retention periods. For this purpose, you may contact at any time.

10. Data Storage

We store personal data only so long as this is necessary for rendering requested or agreed services, unless the law provides otherwise. Data retention periods to which we are subject result from accounting provisions (sec. 257 HGB [German Commercial Code]) and tax provisions (sec. 147 AO [German Tax Code] and sec. 14b UStG [German Value-Added Tax Code]). Under these provisions, business communication, contracts and accounting entries must be stored for up to ten years. Provided that we no longer require such data for service provision purposes, they will be deleted which means that such data may then only be used for accounting and tax purposes.