What happens once I have ordered the MiFID-Recorder?
Within two days you will receive a confirmation from us by e-mail along with your personal dial-in number and instructions for establishing access to the MiFID-Recorder web interface. You can start using the service as soon as you have registered, set up the basic configuration with a few clicks and entered the authorised numbers.

How long does it take to set up my personal MiFID-Recorder?
Your personal MiFID-Recorder including the web interface and dial-in number is usually available within two working days after receipt of your valid order.

How do I access the web interface?
Go to our website at www.mifid-recorder.com. Here, the web interface can be accessed via the menu item “Customer Login”. We will provide the required access data to you upon receipt of your valid order.

Where do I find my dial-in number?
You will receive your personal dial-in number from us after ordering the MiFID-Recorder by e-mail. In addition, the number will also be displayed on your web interface.

How can I block access and dial-in numbers?
You can block access via the MiFID-Recorder web interface. Here, you can sign out the connection and assigned PIN accordingly and save your input.

Does the MiFID-Recorder also work on mobile phones?
The MiFID-Recorder can be used from any telephone, provided the relevant connection has been enabled in the MiFID web interface (whitelist solution) or the user enters the correct access code (PIN solution).

From where can I use the MiFID-Recorder?
You can use the MiFID-Recorder with any telephone and from anywhere, including abroad. The use of the solution is not tied to a specific site or a specific hardware.

Do I have to handle the storage of my recordings myself?
No, legally compliant and revision-proof storage of the recordings is included in the MiFID-Recorder services.

How do I retrieve recordings?
The web interface of the MiFID-Recorder provides a search function which can be used to easily find stored recordings. Search criteria include the user, the client’s number, a client reference number, any additionally entered parameter or the date.

Can my storage fill up?
No, it is not possible for your storage to fill up so that no more recordings can be made. If required, storage extension is dynamic and automatic.

How do I delete my recordings?
The recordings made with the MiFID-Recorder cannot be deleted within the legally required storage period. This is an essential requirement for the legal conformity of the solution. You can decide whether or not to have your recordings deleted after five years. This is defined under “Settings” in the web interface.

Which MiFID-Recorder product is right for me?
For small companies and freelance financial advisers, the “SMALL BUSINESS” version is the right solution, where it is not expected to have more than three conversations that are required to be recorded being held at the same time. Larger companies are recommended to take the “ADVANCED BUSINESS” version. This enables up to 25 conversations, on request even more, to be held at the same time, and the storage capacity included in the price is adapted to the data volume to be expected.

Yes, an upgrade is possible at any time even during the current accounting period (calendar month). It is possible to downgrade with a notice period of 2 weeks to the end of the month.

How can I see the extent to which the MiFID-Recorder is used in my company?
As our customer, you have access to the web interface of the MiFID-Recorder where you will find statistics with all the usage data.

Can I access the MiFID-Recorder via a CRM system?
The MiFID-Recorder provides an open interface via which the recording system can be connected to any existing CRM solution.

How will the MiFID-Recorder be assessed if my company is audited?
The MiFID-Recorder or the utilization of an external recording system is considered to be major outsourcing. As user of the MiFID-Recorder you will receive a revision-proof outsourcing contract which can be submitted to your auditor or other instances.

What happens to my recordings if I terminate my contract?
If you terminate your contract, there are two options for dealing with your recordings.
For a one-off fee of €150 plus VAT we can export your recordings and make them available to you for further use. At the same time, we delete the data from our system.
Alternatively, we offer legally compliant and revision-proof storage of the recordings until the required storage period expires. Invoicing is according to the price list for the required data volume.

What is MD5 Hash?
This is a 32-character string, determined by a cryptographic function, which is used to clearly identify whether a data record has been changed.