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MiFID II compliant telephone recording!

Our Solution

The MiFID-Recorder was developed incorporating feedback from various discussions with clients involved with this issue. We identified a strong demand for a straightforward and affordable solution which could be operated independently from existing infrastructure and provide comprehensive legal compliance, without any additional administrative effort for the user regarding implementation or maintenance.

Based on this information we developed the MiFID-Recorder, a product that meets all requirements for MiFID II compliant phone recording.

In order to ensure a legally compliant usage of the MiFID-Recorder as of 3 January 2018, all you need is a phone number provided by us – accessible from anywhere.

Regarding the actual recording process, our clients can choose from a variety of different features in order to identify the best process for their business.
To start the recording feature, you just need to dial the provided MiFID-Recorder number on an activated device. Alternatively, PIN numbers can be assigned for an even more independent and flexible workflow.

Recording on demand
A consultant who is taking a phone call with a client can patch the recorder into a three-way conference A call is placed through the platform. The consultant first dials the number of the platform and is then prompted to enter the telephone number of the client. The platform establishes a connection to the client and the entire conversation is recorded. Since the platform now knows the client’s number, the conversation can be allocated.

Always recording outgoing calls
Die Anwahl des Kunden erfolgt über die Plattform. Der Berater wählt die Nummer der Plattform und wird sodann aufgefordert die Nummer des Kunden einzugeben. Die Plattform stellt die Verbindung zum Kunden her und das gesamte Gespräch wird aufgezeichnet. Die Plattform kennt die Nummer des Kunden, das Gespräch kann zugeordnet werden.

Always recording incoming calls
Do you use a specific service number and would like to have all conversations on this line be recorded automatically? In this case you can forward all incoming calls on this line directly to the MiFID-Recorder platform. The platform will then distribute incoming calls to the responsible employees in your office.

Selective recording
In this example, the call to a client is placed via the platform. The consultant first dials the number of the platform and is then prompted to enter the telephone number of the client. The recording does not start immediately but begins when the consultant presses the ‘star’ key (*) and ends when he presses the ‘hash’ key (#). This way, any number of individual segments during a conversation may be recorded.

Local recording
In this example, the recorder is used as a dictaphone. The number of the platform is dialled before a conversation begins, and the telephone’s speaker function is activated. In order to enable a subsequent allocation of the conversation, the client’s telephone number or his specific client ID are entered at the end of the conversation via the telephone keys.

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