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What is the MiFID-Recorder?

The MiFID-Recorder is the simple, independent, cost-effective and certified solution for legally compliant recording of telephone consulting sessions and video consulting in accordance with MiFID II and FinVermV.

We have created the framework for a compliance-conform and audit-proof outsourcing of the recording and archiving of your consulting sessions.

How does the MiFID-Recorder work?

The MiFID-Recorder enables the recording of telephone calls using a special dial-in number. The service is available to users anytime and anywhere, no matter what end-device is used. If there is a need for recording, you dial your individual MiFID-Recorder phone number and integrate the MiFID-Recorder into your consultation from the beginning or during an already ongoing conversation. It is also easy to record incoming calls.
The video consultation runs browser-based via the highly secure and DSGVO compliant MiFID-Recorder video platform or via one of the connected third-party systems. Archiving is always redundant and encrypted on the audit-proof, Germany hosted, storage infrastructure of MiFID-Recorder GmbH.

The administration of the service and the recordings is done easily via a web interface by the respective authorized group of persons or the designated administrators. You do not need any additional hardware or software for the recording of telephone or video consultations.

My life, my job, my MiFID-Recorder!

To the point:

The everyday consulting life of our users has changed significantly, especially in the recent past. Consultants are much more mobile, and smartphones are now the central communication medium in most cases. Therefore, the recording of consulting conversations conducted by cell phone must be just as simple and, above all, must comply with all legal requirements in the same way. This is exactly what the MiFID-Recorder Taping App ensures while making recording even easier.

Video consulting is becoming more and more relevant, with the recording obligation applying equally to consulting sessions conducted in this way. Of particular note: DSGVO-compliant use is not possible with services from companies based in the USA.

MiFID-Recorder GmbH offers a modern, simple and tailored to the advisory process video consulting solution with a recording function that fully complies with the requirements of the MiFID II Regulation. This is certified by the auditor’s report according to IDW PS 880.

In addition, it is possible to archive recordings from third-party systems in an audit-proof manner with the MiFID Recorder.

Please note that our audit report according to IDW PS 880 is only valid for the entire process if the video consulting MiFID Recorder is also used.

Third-party providers of video consulting solutions must be audited separately, but outsourcing-safe archiving is also guaranteed in this case with MiFID Recorder.

The MiFID Recorder additionally offers the possibility to archive documents of any kind as well as e-mail communication in connection with the consulting sessions in an audit-proof manner. This function can be used optionally.

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