Technical Expertise


Recording Platform

The MiFID-Recorder is based on a modularly structured platform which has been in operation for many years and is continually further developed. The telephone system is hosted in the data centre of a carrier, and is as such subject to the strict standards a carrier must submit to when operating a data centre. At the same time, we can ensure an excellent connection quality and optimal call stability, no matter which network the service is being addressed from. The overall platform works completely independently of existing telephone systems and can be used for landline connection calls as well as all mobile networks. It is not necessary to install software or carry out programme integration into existing systems. The complete infrastructure as well as the connection to the telephone network is designed to have multiple redundancies and is dynamically scalable. In this way, bottlenecks affecting the number of connections active at the same time cannot exist. The MiFID-Recorder telephone system stands out in particular thanks to:

  • Automated, legally compliant client information via the recording
  • Administration via user-friendly web interface
  • Use from the landline and mobile network (even abroad), regardless of location
  • Selection via landline number or IP
  • No hardware, software or installation required
  • Stable connections, excellent voice quality
  • Controls using the telephone number keys
  • Unlimited scalability

Data Storage

Within the framework of MiFID II and FinVermV, the legislator places very special requirements on the storage of the generated data, i.e. the recorded conversations. These requirements can only be taken fully into account in a cost-efficient manner with a centrally managed solution.


The decentralised establishment of legally compliant storage solutions, or even the storage of the topic matter in an anonymous and unspecific cloud is not a modern or sufficiently secure may of meeting these requirements, in our view. The storage concept of the MiFID-Recorders is a highly specialised solution, tailored to all MiFID II and FinVermV requirements, where professional operation is an integral component of the service offered. The MiFID-Recorder data storage system stands out in particular thanks to:

  • Unrestricted sovereignty over all data in all instances
  • 4x redundancy at the primary storage location and additional geo-redundancy
  • Primary data storage at the place of recording (certified carrier data centre)
  • Encrypted transfer between the geo-redundant instances
  • Quick access to the complete stored data
  • Dynamic scaling of storage capacities
  • Tamper-proof archiving
  • WORM sealing of the stored data on a hardware basis
  • Possibility of tracing all changes using Hashtag


Our certified partner for tamper-proof data storage:

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