MiFID II compliant telephone recording!

Recording Platform

The MiFID-Recorder is based on a modular platform which has been operational for many years and subject to consistent updates. Since the telephony system is hosted in a carrier’s data centre, it also complies with the strict standards that apply to carriers. This also guarantees excellent connectivity and optimal call stability – regardless of which network is used to address the service. The entire platform runs completely independently of existing telephony systems. Calls can be placed using landlines as well as via any cellular network. No additional software or programming is necessary to integrate with existing systems. The entire infrastructure, as well as the link to the telephone network are configured in a multi-redundant design and can be scaled dynamically to avoid bottlenecks or limitations regarding the number of simultaneous connections. Special features of the MiFID-Recorder telephony system:

  • Automated, legally compliant disclaimer for clients about the recording
  • Administration via a user-friendly web interface
  • Location-independent ability to place calls via landline and cellular networks (even from abroad)
  • Dialling via landline number or IP
  • No hardware, software or installation required
  • Reliable connectivity, excellent voice quality
  • Control via the telephone keypad
  • Infinite scaling options

Data Storage

For the storage of the generated data, i.e. the recordings of the conversations, legislators place very specific demands regarding the compliance with MiFID II regulations. These can only be met by using a solution with centralised administration, especially when the costs are also to be kept low.

Centralised administration

In our opinion, the requirements for legally compliant solutions cannot be fulfilled by using decentralised storage or even anonymous, unspecified cloud services. These solutions are neither state-of-the-art nor do they provide the necessary safety. The storage concept of the MiFID-Recorder is a highly specialised solution which fulfils all MiFID II directives. Its professional management is an integral part of our service offering. The data storage of the MiFID-Recorder is characterized in particular by:

  • Clear authority over all data on all levels
  • Quadruple redundancy at the primary storage location with added geo-redundancy
  • Primary storage at the site of the recording (certified carrier data centre)
  • Encrypted transmission between geo-redundant entities
  • Swift access to all data
  • Dynamic scaling of storage capacities
  • Audit-compliant archiving
  • Hardware-based WORM sealing of datasets
  • Identification of all modifications via hashtags


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