The advantages are obvious!

Simple Operation with Any Infrastructure

Particularly in the banking environment, a very restrictively administered IT infrastructure is often present.

The MiFID-Recorder is designed to be used within any infrastructure and independent of the existing hardware or network connection, both regarding the recording of telephone calls and video consultation. This makes the implementation into existing processes very easy, does not require any adjustments within the existing network, no additional hardware or software and is usually possible without the involvement of the respective administrators.

Simple handling

Users will only implement the recording obligation consistently and in accordance with the legal requirements if the handling is simple and intuitive and no hurdles are created within the consulting process.

The operation of the MiFID-Recorder is so simple that no training or instruction is required. A short explanatory video and the available brief instructions are sufficient to explain the handling to clients and consultants. For more in-depth questions, a manual is available to each user. This ensures that the time and effort required to instruct and support users is always kept to a minimum.

Office, home office, on the road - consult anywhere, generate more revenue

Legally Compliant Recording in the Home Office

In some cases, a hardware-based recording solution exists in the offices at our customers’ locations in conjunction with the existing telephone system. However, as the proportion of home offices increases across all industries, the demand for a mobile, flexible, virtual and telephone system-independent solution is growing.

The MiFID-Recorder is the ideal solution to provide your employees with a legally compliant recording solution in a simple and cost-effective way. The system is perfectly suited for use in conjunction with a heterogeneous technical infrastructure and is therefore predestined for use in the home office.

Easiest Implementation

You do not need any additional hardware or software, a download is also not required, as well as the explicit release of the MiFID-Recorder functionality within your network.

Your IT is not required to enable, activate, or administer the service for your employees. You designate one or more administrators, who can then independently create and manage users via the web interface.

For the telephone recording you only need a standard telephone, for the video consultation an up-to-date Internet browser and any end device with a stable Internet connection, camera, and microphone.

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