Recording in Microsoft Teams according to MiFID II and FinVermV standards!

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Recording obligation also applies to video consulting, for example via Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has established itself as one of the leading solutions for video conferencing, video consulting and the virtualization of communication, business processes and collaboration. The acceptance of the solution is also impressive in the financial services environment and virtual advisory meetings with the help of Teams are now an indispensable part of the day-to-day work of many organizations and individual brokers.

As it is not possible to save advisory sessions in accordance with the regulations applicable in the EU with Microsoft Teams, the MiFID Recorder offers a corresponding extension here. With the MiFID Recorder, it is very easy to create a link between MS Teams and the archiving solution and, if required, to record advisory meetings in compliance with MiFID II and FinVermV. The recordings can then be accessed at any time via the admin interface of the MiFID Recorder, just like the recorded telephone advisory sessions.

MiFID-Recorder GmbH offers outsourcing-compliant recording and archiving as an official Microsoft Partner

It does not matter whether the user works with an individual or a company license. Once the link has been established, archiving will function automatically subsequently. As with telephone calls, storage takes place on a dedicated storage infrastructure certified by KPMG and operated by MiFID-Recorder GmbH in a highly secure data center in Germany.

As a Microsoft partner, MiFID-Recorder GmbH offers an accredited, GDPR-compliant recording solution that has been certified by the auditor in accordance with IDW PS 880 for software products, attesting to unrestricted MiFID II and FinVermV conformity. This creates the prerequisite for legally compliant outsourcing of recording and archiving.

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Make your recording with Microsoft Teams MiFID II and FinVermV compliant.

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