Video Consulting

It can be so simple and so safe!

MiFID-Recorder Video Consulting

MiFID-Recorder Video Consulting is the DSGVO compliant, highly secure, certified, and fully German operated video conferencing solution. The system works browser-based, without any special software or download on any device with internet connection, camera, and microphone, independent of the operating system.

Basic Features

Video Transmission

The transmission of the image from the consultant to the customer and vice versa is the core functionality of the system and is encrypted end-to-end.

Screen Sharing

The participants have the possibility to share their whole screen or only single windows.

Consultant Interface

The initiator of the call has sovereignty over the video call and also decides what the customer should see and what is recorded accordingly. He also has the possibility to allow another participant, as well as to start and stop the recording.


An accompanying text chat, which can also be used to send files and documents, is available to all participants.

Customer Interface

The customer always sees only what the initiator wants to show him. Additionally, he always has the possibility to use the chat. The customer window also shows whether recording is activated or deactivated.

Additional Participants

The initiator has the possibility to invite or allow further participants. The additional participants can be muted and made invisible by the consultant or actively integrated into the conversation.

I want it to be simple and secure, and you?

To the Point:

A 100% legally secure process can only be guaranteed if the video telephony and its recording take place in a certified environment. In the case of recordings from third-party systems, it is not possible to determine whether the recorded content fully complies with legal requirements.

The MiFID-Recorder video consulting is based on a contemporary Web2Web solution. No client downloads or special software is required on any side. This makes the handling easy, secure and above all completely independent from the existing infrastructure.

It is not necessary to generate a new session link for each consultation. A link generated once for a customer retains its validity and, like a telephone number, can be used again and again and sent as required when communicating with the customer via video.

Data transmission is end-to-end encrypted based on WebRTC. In each case, it is a direct connection between the participants’ browsers, or between the participants and the recording servers if recording is enabled.

The MiFID-Recorder video consulting is operated exclusively on servers in Germany (Frankfurt am Main). These are hosted in a certified data center, and a scaling of the infrastructure according to the usage volume is done dynamically. This ensures maximum security, stability, and transmission quality at all times. This also fully complies with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO), which is not the case with subsidized offers from American providers.

The simplicity of usage for all participants is the main goal. The reduction to the core functionalities necessary for the consulting process is intentional and reduces the need for explanation quite considerably.

With the help of the available API it is possible to implement the video consultation into existing interfaces, so that the conversations with your customers can be started barrier-free.

The ever-evolving technology and the constantly changing legal requirements require a constant adaptation and, if necessary, expansion of the solution.

The technical requirements for using video consulting are minimal. A download, as well as special software or additional hardware components, are no more necessary. All users need is an end device connected to the Internet (stationary PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) with a camera and microphone. The system works purely browser-based with all common operating systems. MiFID-Recorder video consulting is proxy-enabled and can also be used behind a firewall.

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