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MiFID II compliant telephone recording!

Virtual – Mobile – Independent – Easy to Use – Secure – Transparent –
Scalable – Affordable – Open

The MiFID-Recorder is an easy-to-use and affordable solution to meet your recording requirements in compliance with MiFID II.
Focus on your core business, while we take care of compliant recording and storage of your calls!


All you need to use our service is a standard telephone. There is no additional hardware or even an extension to your telephony system necessary.
We operate the required telephony platform and also take care of the storage of your data.



No matter whether you are placing calls from your landline or from your mobile phone, our solution is always accessible and not tied to a physical location. You decide which terminals or phone numbers may access the service.



By using the MiFID-Recorder, you are not tied to any telephony provider, system or mobile phone network. The MiFID-Recorder is compatible with any infrastructure, any network operator and every mobile phone carrier.



Just dial the service number on an activated line, and the recording can begin. No implementation, no installation, no expansion of existing systems is necessary. Professional phone recording has never been easier.



A highly modern, geo-redundantly protected, certified and centrally managed hardware infrastructure guarantees the uncompromising, legally compliant storage of data, as well as secure and swift access to your recordings.



Via a web interface you can manage authorised phone numbers and PINs any time. You can retrace at which time a certain terminal was used to access the service and how often, as well as conduct a targeted search to find specific recordings.



Thanks to the dynamic scaling of all components, there are never any bottlenecks or limitations when it comes to necessary storage capacity or the number of active lines using our service simultaneously.



With its low set up fees and reasonable monthly rates, always based on your actual usage behaviour, the MiFID-Recorder proves to be an affordable solution to comply with MiFID II directives for recording conversations.



The MiFID-Recorder offers an open interface to connect the platform to existing CRM systems or any other software solutions making the assigning of recordings to your clients virtually effortless.

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